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How much do you know about dental fillings and what they can do for your smile? Our dentist and team at Center Creek Dental are happy to help you learn more about these dental restorations, and their benefits in particular. Your smile will be influenced differently depending on the different types of dental fillings that you receive on your teeth. Today we offer a review on the uses of composite dental fillings and why your teeth may need them for better oral health.

Fillings can:

– Repair a mild or small cavities in the teeth

– Restore and withstand your bite force

– Provide natural-looking results in your smile

– Restore a decayed, weakened or damaged tooth in as little as one visit

– Provide lasting improvements for your tooth for up to 12-15 years if they receive proper care

– Offer an affordable option to fix a damaged tooth

– Enhance the look of your smile

If you are considering receiving dental fillings in the Lehi, Utah area, contact us at 801-766-3700 today to arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Ferrell. We will gladly help you determine if dental restorations can help you achieve the strong, aesthetic smile you desire.