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From ruining dates to shooting any chances you had at that great new job right in the foot, bad breath can plague your life in more ways than one. Often, it does so in ways we’re not even aware of, since most people are too polite to tell you your breath stinks.

But if you know you have bad breath, there may be steps you can take to eliminate it. It requires a bit of daily diligence, but having great breath again is a realistic goal you can shoot for.

What causes it
Understanding bad breath is a great first step to eliminating it. It’s more than just eating too much garlic bread before bed. Bad breath could be caused by certain compounds in your mouth that live on the back of your tongue. Even with the most stringent oral health techniques, cleaning the back of your tongue isn’t always easy.

Some people have to deal with this on a chronic level, and that’s a serious problem. If you’ve tried everything to rid yourself of bad breath, then you need to ask Dr. Ferrell in Lehi, Utah, for tips on just how to handle this condition.

The best thing you can do to fix bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly – at least twice a day. Then, while brushing, make sure to brush your tongue as thoroughly as possible. A tongue scraper is a great tool to use in this process.

You don’t have to live with bad breath forever. Call Center Creek Dental today at 801-766-3700 to see how we can help.