At Center Creek Dental, one of the key elements of our philosophy is to educate with purpose. Dr. Ferrell and our entire team are dedicated to providing you with the education you need to take care of your teeth and gums, and to make informed decisions about your dental care. We want you to feel confident in your care, and we invite you to ask us any questions you may have about daily dental hygiene and home care, your oral health, our dental treatments, and any other concerns. Please feel free to contact our office today to learn more and to set up your next visit with our dentist in Lehi, Utah.


It’s likely that you understand the importance of brushing your teeth every day, but flossing is also essential to maintaining good oral health. While brushing is a good way to clean the surfaces of your teeth, your toothbrush cannot reach the spaces between teeth. Flossing is an effective way to clean these small spaces, helping to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

We recommend that you floss at least once every day. The most important time to floss is at night before going to bed. As you floss, be certain to gently curve the floss around each tooth and slide the floss up and down, making sure to go beneath the gum line. If you need help flossing properly, please ask your hygienist or dentist at your next appointment.

Sealants for Children

We know that you want to help your child maintain good oral health. One great option for helping your child’s smile stay healthy is dental sealants. A sealant is a preventive treatment offered by Dr. Ferrell to help prevent tooth decay in children. The dental sealant is a thin coating that is placed on your child’s tooth to seal out bacteria, plaque, acids, and food debris, which can lead to decay. When used in combination with daily brushing and flossing, sealants can effectively help to prevent decay so your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong.

The process for applying dental sealants is quick and painless. The tooth receiving the sealant is cleaned and dried, and then a material is placed on the tooth, rinsed, and dried again. We then place the sealant material on the tooth and use a special light to harden the sealant.

Our dentist typically recommends sealants for the permanent molars as soon as they erupt, which is usually around the age of 6. Depending on your child’s specific needs, we may also suggest dental sealants for other teeth. We welcome you to speak with Dr. Ferrell and our team to determine whether sealants are right for your child.

Preventive Care

Our team is dedicated to providing quality preventive care so you can maintain optimal oral health. We would much rather prevent dental problems than repair them! Some of our preventive services include:

  • Dental sealants – Often recommended for children, sealants are coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth to protect them from tooth decay.
  • Fluoride treatment – Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to strengthen teeth and prevent decay.
  • Dental cleanings and exams – Regular checkups help to ensure that any emerging problems are treated as soon as possible. Professional teeth cleanings also help to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • Digital X-rays – We use digital radiography to help us detect and diagnose any dental problems at the earliest possible stage.

In addition, we encourage you to maintain good dental hygiene at home to help your teeth and gums stay healthy. We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and eat a balanced diet with a limited amount of sugary and acidic foods. To learn more about preventive care, contact us today!