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As you age, it is vital to keep your oral health up to speed. This includes making changes and alterations that are necessary. If for example, you have dentures, you will need to care for them in a manner as instructed by your dentist, as well as care for your other healthy natural teeth.

Brush and floss every day as usual. However, if you are brushing and find that manual brushing with a regular toothbrush is becoming too difficult, try switching to an electric toothbrush, which is easier on the joints. For flossing, if the thread is too hard for you, try switching to different interdental cleaning tools, including water flossers.

Bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can have serious consequences at any age. However, when you are older, it is harder for your body to fight off the effects of the bad habits. Instead, give up any bad habits you have and make time to enjoy your improved health benefits that will be sure to come along with it.

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