Sample Program

Our classes are held on Saturdays so you can complete our Assist To Succeed course while also working full or part time, attending college, taking care of your family, and more!

Week 1
Introduction to the exciting field of dentistry! Dental terminology, roles and responsibilities of a dental assistant, anatomy of the mouth and teeth.


Week 2
Patient positioning, administering local anesthesia and using suctioning skills, learning to identify and properly clean dental instruments. Principles of successful dental assisting and success in life!


Week 3
Radiology theory and practice of intraoral and extraoral X-ray techniques.


Week 4
Characteristics of amalgam and composite materials and the proper placement and uses of both. Introduction to career and humanitarian opportunities for dental assistants.


Week 5
Alginate materials and upper arch impressions, model pouring and trimming, X-ray quiz.


Week 6
Midterm exam. Procedures and treatments in oral surgery and periodontics, sterilization procedures, and lower arch impressions.


Week 7
Crown and bridge materials and instruments, prosthodontics materials and methods, temporary restorations, and bite registrations.


Week 8
Endodontic and orthodontic materials and instruments, preventative dentistry and duties of the dental hygienist in patient education. How to create a successful resume and key job interview skills.


Week 9
Office management, front desk operations, billing dental insurance, and understanding of dental systems. Professional CPR training.


Week 10
Final exam. Pediatric dentistry and the use of fluoride and sealants. Learning to make a successful transition into the field of dentistry.



*If you have any questions about our curriculum or would like to learn more about Assist To Succeed Lehi, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!