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As soon as your child’s first tooth sprouts into view around the age of six months, it will need to be brushed and cared for to ensure it does not fall victim to decay. Help your child overcome bad oral hygiene with great brushing techniques such as the following:

– For optimum oral health care in your child, as soon as their first tooth appears above the gum line, you should begin brushing their mouth twice daily until they come of age to do the task themselves.
– It is vital to bring your child in to see their pediatrician for an oral examination and cleaning before they are one year of age.
– For each brushing session, use a dollop of toothpaste roughly the size of a grain of rice.
– Never share toothbrushes or other dental cleaning devices with a child, as it can pass bacteria to their mouths.
– Improve your child’s oral health by feeding them healthy meals free of tooth-damaging substances such as sugar.

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