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At Center Creek Dental, we are committed to helping your child enjoy a calm dental checkup free of dental anxiety, and we are happy to offer laughing gas if needed. Also known as nitrous oxide, this sedation dentistry can help children feel calm and relaxed during their visit. If your child struggles to feel calm during dental checkups, we encourage you to speak with our pediatric dentist about laughing gas.

When your child is ready for treatment, we can cover their nose with a mask that sends calming gas to their system to help them feel comfortable and at ease. Laughing gas doesn’t require injection, and its odorless nature means your child won’t be breathing in unpleasant smells the whole time. The calming effect occurs quickly and fades quickly so that it is only in effect while your child is receiving treatment.

Your child can remain awake while breathing in the gas so that they remain responsive to our team’s questions and instructions, improving the success of their treatment. We then use oxygen to flush out the laughing gas and restore your child to their full awareness by the end of the visit.

Most children can use laughing gas very safely, though if your child has certain medical conditions, we may advise against this form of sedation. We will look through your child’s health history to determine which is the most effective method for them.

Contact our office at 801-766-3700 today if you need to speak with Dr. Ferrell and our team about providing your child with laughing gas in Lehi, Utah.