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Are you as concerned about your dental health as your dentist is? Your dentist wants to see you every six months for a checkup. Twice a year is the recommended amount of time between visits in order to properly keep up your oral health, but most people only see their dentist once a year, at most. While contributing factors like lack of dental insurance or anxiety may be difficult hurdles to overcome, it is in your best interest that you meet these minimum requirements. Here are a couple very good reasons why:

The dental office is the only place where you can receive a professional cleaning. While brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing consistently once a day is just what yoru dentist wants you to do, the professional cleanings provided by the dentist, or dental hygienist cannot be duplicated at home. They will have special instruments that can remove calcified tartar and plaque that is hiding in between the teeth that your toothbrush simply cannot reach. Also, you will receive a fluoride treatment that will strengthen your teeth.

The most vital concern about regularly visiting your dentist has to do with screening for early signs of problems. You cannot see the entire picture like a dentist can. Frequent X-rays and regular exams may keep you from having to deal with a bigger problem in the future. This will save lots of time, money, money and misery in the end. Consistent dental visits can screen everything from cavities and gum disease, to cancer. You may end up regretting not making the time if something serious crops up that could’ve been easily handled earlier.

If it’s been longer than 6 months since you’ve seen the dentist, call Dr. Ferrell and our team at Center Creek Dental. You can make an appointment at: 801-766-3700, or come by our office in Lehi, Utah.